Bid Index — European Speedrunner Assembly 2019 Stream 1
Total: $49,023.29 — Choice Total: $16,181.21 — Challenge Total: $32,842.08

Name Run Description Amount Goal
Extra Boss Showcase Touhou Luna Nights snapcase and DreamFox will show off an extra stage including a boss fight after their run! $500.00 $500.00
Prism Sword Katana Zero Our runners replace the Katana with the Prism Sword (it looks pretty)! $247.00 $200.00
Secret Boss! Katana Zero Our runners will add the secret boss to the end of the run! $400.00 $400.00
Bid War - The Developer's Fate Hotline Miami Choose to kill or save the developers at the end $135.00 (None)
Bid War - Cat or Dog? Stardew Valley Are you a cat or a dog person? $741.66 (None)
Bid War - Name Jazzy's Character Stardew Valley Name Jazzy's character (12 characters max) $140.00 (None)
Any% Showcase realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Gelly will break the game completely during a showcase of the Any% category after his run! $300.00 $300.00
What's a Paladin? Ultima IX: Ascension Find out by meeting this incentive. We will get the answer from the blacksmith in Trinsic! $200.00 $200.00
Bid War - Choose The Language Gothic Choose the language the game will be ran in $350.00 (None)
Bid War - Character Name The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Choose the character name for the run (24 characters max) $192.90 (None)
Behemoth w/ Weakest Longswords Monster Hunter World Team Darkside will attempt Behemoth with the game's weakest longswords $800.00 $800.00
Bid War - Choose the Language Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Choose the language for the run $365.00 (None)
Bid War - High-Five Ellie? The Last of Us Will you high-five Ellie, or leave her hangin'? $620.00 (None)
Left Behind Any% The Last of Us AnthonyCaliber will show off the Any% run of the "Left Behind" DLC after his run! $857.00 $800.00
Bid War - Choose the Language Octopath Traveler Choose the language the game will be ran in $21.00 (None)
Bid War - Story Choice Octopath Traveler Choose the story! $463.00 (None)
Another Loop! Urban Champion If the goal is met, JkL will add another loop to his run! $100.00 $100.00
Hair Cut for JackOfHearts Fallout 2 JackOfHearts will get a new hair cut! $2,000.10 $2,000.00
DLC Showcase Serious Sam 3 Gelly and apple1417 will show off the DLC "Jewel of the Nile" featuring three more levels after their run! $353.00 $500.00
Boshy's True Any% I wanna Find my Destiny BBF will show off a run of I Wanna Be The Boshy using Sonic after his run! $651.50 $600.00
1 Player 2 Guns Point Blank Trilogy Naegleria will dual wield his light guns! $125.00 $600.00
Bid War - Choose the Soundtrack The World Ends With You: Final Remix Choose the original or remixed soundtrack for the run $325.00 (None)
"Let it Go" Kingdom Hearts III Kayarune and desa3579 will watch the entire cutscone of "Let it Go" in Arendelle with you! $400.00 $400.00
Bid War - Choose the Language Link: The Faces of Evil Choose the game's language $513.01 (None)
Bid War - Name the Dog Nintendogs Choose the dog's name for the run (7 characters max) $297.50 (None)
Bidwar - Extra Mode I am Bread Choose between Starch Wars and Team Fortress 2 as an extra game mode $20.00 (None)
Wizard Hat! hhGregg's Quest for Coupons Kainalo will grab some extra coins to buy a wizard hat from Billy Mays! $200.00 $200.00
Face McShooty Quest Borderlands 2 Help Face McShooty achieve his lifetime goal of getting shot in the face $500.01 $500.00
Bid War - Cropax's Character Name Divinity: Original Sin II Choose the name for Cropax's character (20 characters max) $250.00 (None)
Bid War - Walrus' Character Name Divinity: Original Sin II Choose the name for MrWalrus' character (20 characters max) $117.00 (None)
Trick Showcase Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain srd_27 will show off a few neat tricks from other Hearthstone expansions after his run! $360.55 $500.00
YuGiOh dance! Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories Let's dance! $0.00 $150.00
Spinner Hell Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Makes every trainer spin randomly with max vision $600.00 $600.00
Final Mission Characters Advance Wars: Dual Strike Pick the two characters for the final mission! $32.00 (None)
Bid War - Choose the Octoling Splatoon 2 Choose which Octoling will be used $53.00 (None)
Typing of the Blind The Typing of the Dead Pulla will do the base typing speed test blindfolded while somebody else is reading out the words! $605.00 $600.00
Bid War - RebelDragon's Character Name Darkest Dungeon Choose the name of RebelDragon95's character (16 characters max) $12.50 (None)
Bid War - Tricrow's Character Name Darkest Dungeon Choose the name of Tricrow's character (16 characters max) $65.00 (None)
Bid War - yisk's Character Name Darkest Dungeon Choose the name of yisk's character (16 characters max) $22.50 (None)
1v1 Multiplayer Match Halo 2 TehSorix and Dubhzo will face off in a deadly duel after their Co-Op run! $433.10 $400.00
Bid War - Yoshi's Colour Yoshi's Story Choose the colour of Yoshi throughout the run $290.00 (None)
&Knuckles! Sonic Mania Plus Knuckles & Knuckles will DUPLICATE the excitement of the whole run! $810.00 $800.00
Bid War - OST Choice Mega Man 2 Atari Demake Choose between the original and remixed OST $138.00 (None)
Mario Open Golf Super Mario Maker 2 BigJon himself will show off his golfing skills by clearing ALL courses in NES Open Tournament Golf! $5,315.00 $5,000.00
Out of Bounds Exhibition The Messenger TwoCplus will show off a few neat tricks to get out of bounds after his run! $400.00 $400.00
Bid War - Rename Barret Final Fantasy VII Choose Barret's name (9 characters max) $95.00 (None)
Bid War - Rename Cait Sith Final Fantasy VII Choose Cait Sith's name (9 characters max) $156.00 (None)
Bid War - Rename Cid Final Fantasy VII Choose Cid's name (9 characters max) $566.00 (None)
Bid War - Rename Cloud Final Fantasy VII Choose Cloud's name (9 characters max) $670.69 (None)
Bid War - Rename Red XIII Final Fantasy VII Choose Red XIII's name (9 characters max) $342.77 (None)
Bid War - Rename Tifa Final Fantasy VII Choose Tifa's name (9 characters max) $532.00 (None)
Omnislash Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Davesterio will end the run with an Omnislash against Sephiroth! $706.10 $700.00
Bid War - Ending Cuphead Choose which ending our runners will go for! $791.55 (None)
Shura Ending Showcase Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Distortion2 himself will show off the fastest category in a solo run: Shura Ending! $1,561.00 $1,500.00
M19 Royal Guard Devil May Cry 5 Buy Royal Guard 4 and take down Vergil with style $700.00 $700.00
Donkey Kong Rap Donkey Kong 64 Xafication will sing along to the entirety of the iconic Donkey Kong Rap! $400.25 $400.00
Shortcut Showcase TrackMania Turbo riolu will use the power of replays to showcase incredible shortcuts in some of the campaign tracks! $514.67 $500.00
Co-Op Run w/ Audience GeoGuessr The Geoguessr guys will do an attempt using the audience to guide them $2,022.77 $2,000.00
Bid War - Choose the Ending The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Choose the ending, Ciri vs frames $2,132.00 (None)
Bid War - Character Name Dark Souls Choose the name of the character used in the run (13 characters max) $854.17 (None)
Bid War - Ending Dark Souls Choose which ending catalystz will go for! $618.00 (None)
Bid War - Solaire's Fate Dark Souls Choose Solaire's Fate! $1,273.55 (None)
Bid War - Choose the Filename The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Choose the Filename (8 characters max) $511.64 (None)
Bid War - Nidoran Nickname Pokémon Yellow Choose Nidoran's nickname (10 characters max) $2,473.77 (None)
Super Gravitron Showcase VVVVVV mohoc7 and tzann will both try to get the best time within 5 minutes in the Super Gravitron minigame! $700.00 $700.00
16 Star Bonus Run Super Mario 64 Bowser will be bested by cheese a second time, but with only 16 collected stars! $10,080.03 $10,000.00

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