Bid Index — European Speedrunner Assembly 2022 Stream 2
Total: $6,118.37 — Choice Total: $1,168.87 — Challenge Total: $4,949.50

Name Run Description Amount Goal
Character Choice The Pedestrian Help Paulister choose either the male or female version of the main character. $15.00 (None)
🧙 WIZARDS 🧙 vs. 🔫 GUNS 🔫 Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Raggeddan has a difficult choice to make for the last two levels of the showcase: will he face his enemies with an army of wizards or a tank and a gatling gun? $20.00 (None)
Suit Choice Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Choose with "suit" Spider-Man will wear during rebeldragon95's showcase. $5.00 (None)
Bonus Category: All Plaza Blues Super Mario Sunshine All Plaza Blues is a bonus category in which SidedWilliams collects every blue coin in Delfino Plaza using tricks and strats not used in the main showcase! $1,544.50 $1,500.00
Japanese Language Persona 4 Golden Neviutz will play the game in Japanese! $255.00 $800.00
Skitty's Nickname 🐱 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Choose a nickname for Skitty! 🐱 (10 characters max.) $90.00 (None)
Squirtle's Nickname 🐢 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Choose a nickname for Squirtle! 🐢 (10 characters max.) $50.00 (None)
Team Name Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Choose the name for our rescue team! (10 characters max.) $100.00 (None)
Character Choice Survival Kids Which character should Nardiko play as during the Stranded Kids showcase? $10.00 (None)
Character Name Survival Kids Choose the name of the main character during the Survival Kids showcase. (4 characters max.) $65.00 (None)
Monkey Name 🐒 Survival Kids What's the monkey's name? 🐒 (4 characters max.) $10.00 (None)
Bonus Game: Umihara Kawase The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Nitroz will showcase Umihara Kawase after Oracle of Seasons! $341.00 $750.00
Fighting 300 Zombies in True Speedrun Fashion Days Gone inzudesu is will show a way of getting rid of 300 madmen in the matter of seconds! $45.00 $500.00
Community Dub Tenchu: Stealth Assassins We've had only great experience with dubs created by speedrunning communities. Let's have this one, too! 🎙️ $0.00 $500.00
Character Name Neverwinter Nights Name the protagonist of Sajiki's showcase! (80 characters max, yes that's right, eighty) $323.00 (None)
All toasters toast toast! 🍞 Hotel Mario Hotel Mario is the game with the iconic toaster cutscene. How could we not offer to watch it? $425.00 $500.00
Knight's Name ♞ Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight Choose a name for our honorable knight! ♞ (13 characters max.) $5.00 (None)
Character Choice Undertale Which character should Kingj0444 play as during the Splatoon showcase? $80.00 (None)
Category Change: Extra Mode Chocobo GP Shigan_ will play the "Extra Mode" instead! $1,125.00 $400.00
Character Choice Chocobo GP Choose which famous character of the Final Fantasy franchise Shigan_ will ride as! $88.10 (None)
File Names Star Fox Adventures Decide the file names used for the showcase. Top two will be chosen! (3 characters max.) $75.00 (None)
Tricky's Ball 🔮 Star Fox Adventures Fuzzyness will buy Tricky's ball at ThornTail Store and play fetch with Tricky for a bit! $564.00 $500.00
Horse Name 🐎 Red Dead Redemption 2 What's the horse's name in Read Dead Redemption 2? 🐎 (16 characters max.) $232.77 (None)
Cutscene% European Speedrunner Assembly 2022 Stream 2 Watch some cute cutscenes :) $650.00 $750.00

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