Bid Index — European Speedrunner Assembly 2019 Stream 2
Total: $3,859.47 — Choice Total: $1,677.81 — Challenge Total: $2,181.66

Name Run Description Amount Goal
Bid War: Character Name Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Choose the character name shown throughout Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (8 characters max) $216.00 (None)
Bid War - Character Colour Tron: Evolution Choose the colour of the main character $20.00 (None)
Mutalist Alad V Warframe Kruskader will fight Mutalist Alad V, an extra boss not appearing in the run. $235.00 $500.00
Glitch Showcase ShootMania Storm A map showcasing a bunch of cool glitches within ShootMania $300.00 $300.00
Bid War - Music Style Mega Man 11 Choose between the two music styles of the game $10.00 (None)
Bid War - Chespin Nickname Pokémon X Choose the name of the Chespin for the run (12 characters max) $0.00 (None)
Bid War - Hawlucha Nickname Pokémon X Choose the name of the Hawlucha used during the run (12 characters max) $105.00 (None)
Bid War - Lucario Nickname Pokémon X Choose the name of Lucario used in the run (12 characters max) $20.00 (None)
Bid War - Trainer Name Pokémon X Choose the trainer's name for the run (12 characters max) $5.00 (None)
Berserk Mode Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls Extremely hard mode that punishes mistakes hard $50.00 $300.00
Bid War - Choose Aurora's Dress Child of Light Choose between Aurora's default outfit and two alternate DLC outfits. $5.00 (None)
The Final Hexagon Super Hexagon Congruence will attempt to survive another minute in the bonus phase $74.66 $300.00
Bid War - Choose EL-0:HIM's Language The Talos Principle Pick the language of the game's voice-in-the-sky, EL-0:HIM! $5.00 (None)
Enable Voice Acting Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Enable the hilarious voice acting and check out the various audio glitches in the game $310.00 $300.00
Harpy Fly-Glitch Showcase Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter A great showcase of movement tech using Harpies $25.00 $300.00
Bonus Track Millennium Racer: Y2K Fighters The bonus track Antarktida II will be showcased after the run $165.00 $300.00
Bidwar - Falcon or Fast? F-Zero Choose between the main character's ship or the fastest one in the game $77.50 (None)
Bid War - Choose the Car Skin Trackmania Nations Forever Choose the skin of the car driven in the game $280.00 (None)
Shortcut Showcase Trackmania Nations Forever Wirtual will show off the most spectacular shortcuts ever done in Trackmania! $335.00 $300.00
Glitch Exhibition Mages of Mystralia A showcase of glitches performed after the run $300.00 $300.00
Bid War - Choose the Tunic The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Choose between a red or blue tunic for link $173.00 (None)
Bid War: Language Choice Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Choose the voice acting language $55.00 (None)
Kill 5 Judges in Trial Mode Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Trivialise one of the hardest fights in the game with a summon $187.00 $300.00
Bid War: Profile Name Hypnospace Outlaw Choose the profile name (20 characters max) $0.00 (None)
"Suitless" Valley Usage of a glitch that causes the exo-skeleton of the character to not be rendered. $40.00 $200.00
Bid War: Save File Name True Crime: New York City Choose the name of the save file (7 characters max) $85.00 (None)
Bid War - Music Choice Castlevania Chronicles Choose between the soundtracks of the game $10.00 (None)
Bid War - Choose the Text Language Grand Theft Auto 2 Choose the language of the text the game displays $64.31 (None)
Bid War - Choose the DLC Dishonored Choose between The Knife of Dunwall or The Brigmore Witches $145.00 (None)
Bid War - Choose the Gender Mass Effect 2 Choose the gender of commander Shepard and romance the respective person $241.00 (None)
Bidwar - Character Name Fallout 4 Choose the character name to be shown throughout Fallout 4 (26 characters max) $71.00 (None)
Hideous Characters Fallout 4 Turn the character and his wife into hideous versions $160.00 $400.00
Bid War - Choose the Skin PUSS! Choose the skin used throughout the run $90.00 (None)

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